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More Weta Raygun Pictures

Here are some more images of my entry into the RPF/Weta Dr. Grordbort’s Raygun contest from a few years back. Some of these I never posted before. There’s some work-in-progress pics too. And a fake letter I wrote to build up the story around it.


Custom Retro Rayguns

In this last video I shot for Tested a few weeks back, I show Adam some of my custom rayguns.

Mercury Spacesuit Photo Shoot

A few months ago, a company called Product of GIR rented my Mercury spacesuit for a photo shoot. They make silicone kitchen utensils and they’re out of this world! Okay that was lame.



A Tale of Two Apollo 13 Hats

Here’s something hyper nerdy: On the left is a replica of the baseball cap worn by the actual Apollo 13 astronauts after recovery (with my name on it). On the right is a replica of the cap worn by Tom Hanks in the movie Apollo 13 made for me 20 years ago by the lady who made them for the film. Both are exact replicas of the real hats.

A Closer Look at my NASA Replicas

Here’s another video from Tested which goes a little more in-depth with my spacesuit replicas.

Custom Raygun for Weta

I made this raygun for a joint Replica Prop Forum and Weta contest several years ago. It was made in the style of the Dr. Grordbort universe and judged by Greg Broadmore. I won first place!


Adam Savage visits 3F Studios!

We were very humbled to get a visit from Adam Savage and the Tested crew. More videos to come!

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