Star Trek “Tholian Web” Spacesuit


One thought on “Star Trek “Tholian Web” Spacesuit

  1. kate says:

    just wanted to feedback to you some commentary from the Adam savages visit that I have just watched.

    storage: I know that Adam likes Sortimo/L-Boxx
    But there are lots of other cheaper options that do the same thing

    cutting tools: You might want to look at alternatives to Festool, their tracked saw solution is a great idea but is very overpriced

    Tables & storage: If you weld or can teach yourself have Adam help you build you some M5 tables & storage

    X-carve assembly seemed useful

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching your studio tour signed onto your youtube channel if you decide to start making content. Its a really powerful way of building your brand for more info try

    If you do make content hardwarecanucks is a good example it does it very well

    and Nitsan Simantov can show you how to do it as cheaply as possible

    maybe it wordpress will work this time?


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