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Star Trek: First Contact Spacesuits

I’ve always liked this spacesuit and I’m finally making two of them for me and George.


Mercury Spacesuit Photo Shoot

A few months ago, a company called Product of GIR rented my Mercury spacesuit for a photo shoot. They make silicone kitchen utensils and they’re out of this world! Okay that was lame.



Custom Raygun for Weta

I made this raygun for a joint Replica Prop Forum and Weta contest several years ago. It was made in the style of the Dr. Grordbort universe and judged by Greg Broadmore. I won first place!


Adam Savage visits 3F Studios!

We were very humbled to get a visit from Adam Savage and the Tested crew. More videos to come!


3F Studios is a collaboration between Ryan Nagata and George Edelman. For years, they produced movies and web content as “Fighting Fox Films.” While they continue to produce video content, Ryan makes original art pieces, props, and costumes in their Los Angeles studio. All of their exploits are documented here.


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